About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Lory!  After much thought and hemming and hawing, I've decided to join the crazy, wonderful world of fashion blogging.  Do I love fashion and everything it entails...heck yeah!  Can I dress well...ehh.  BUT that's why I'm here.  I've come along way from those post pregnancy years when I got the fashion blues.  (A lot of you mothers know where I'm coming from)  I had a new body and I wasn't rail thin anymore.  WHAT!!! I didn't even know how to begin to even dress myself again.  But I got over it and in time I accepted who I was and I caught the fashion bug again.  Hurray!  So even though I am better, there's always room for improvement.  Nothing is more honest than a camera and I also look forward to feedback from other fashion lovers out there, so join me on my fashion journey.  That means you too mom! ;)