Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sweater: Loft; Top: JCP; Jeans: JCP; Flats: JCP Belt: Express

Every time I wear this shirt I have to laugh. You see while the current trend is to wear blouses printed with kittens, elephants or even horses, I have a shirt with eyelashes all over it. Yes, you read right, creepy eyelashes. When I purchased this top, I loved the color and what I thought was an abstract print. The ruffles across the shoulders were cute and sassy. I bought it for a wedding and had decided to wear it with a pencil skirt. I got dressed and felt all snazzy in my smart pencil skirt and ruffly blouse and then in walks the husband. "How do I look?" I say and his response "Why does your shirt have eyelashes all over it?" What?! I am outraged. My shirt does NOT have eyelashes on it. What's he talking about. And then I look down. Yup, my shirt has eyelashes all over. I am creeped out, its one step away from eyeballs if you ask me! Well I kept it, you see the overall outfit concept was sound and I had no time to start changing outfits. A year later and I still wear my creepy eyelash shirt but now I wear it proudly!

Monday, November 21, 2011


There's something about a lake, it automatically makes your pictures looked a thousand times better. I wanted to take my girls to feed the ducks and decided to make it an impromptu photo shoot. The weather was perfect, not too cold, not too hot and for once there were some clouds in the sky so we weren't being baked to death by the sun. Arizona in the fall is lovely! Okay so enough about the weather. I would have been superb at polite conversation had I been born in Regency period England. When all else fails, talk about the weather!! Romance readers will know to what I'm referring. And yes I'm one of those ladies!

On a side note, I just managed to post two outfits, two days in a row. Yay! Shall we go for three days in a row?? (And by we, I really mean me!)

jacket: thrifted; top: Gap, thrifted; shorts: Limited (diy cutoffs); socks: Christmas gift; boots: Kohls; belt: NY& Co

The wind would not quit and its very noticeable in this picture. My poor hair!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Copy-cat Style

Today's outfit is literally a complete replica of Kendi's outfit. For those of you who may not of heard of Kendi (what??), she has her own very successful and endearing fashion blog. If she's worn it, then its guaranteed to be a great outfit. Incidentally when she posted this version of the outfit, I gasped because I had the same skirt. Then the wheels began turning and my first thought was, "I have a plaid top too. I can totally do this!" So here it is, Kendi's outfit, Lory's way. Basically all I added was the colored tights. So thank you Kendi for the inspiration!

Top: Target; Skirt: Gap; Tights: JCP; Boots: Kohls

Another thought occurred to me! I had so much fun copying Kendi's outfit, I thought that maybe I could make this a segment of mine. I know I'm still new I think it will be cute. Every so often, I will find a favorite fashion blogger and pick an outfit of her's to copy-cat. After all, we all get help on our outfits from others from time to time, right? RIGHT?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More to come...

I know that I have been on hiatus for a while now and I’m sorry! It has been a super crazy time and it always seems that way this time of year. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Ya know what I mean? I plan on being more focused about this blog and I am going to have to learn to find the time to get it done. It’s just like going to the gym. A convenient time will never just pop up, you have to make it work. There! It’s officially on the internet for everyone to see, so now I have to follow through!! Because I don’t want to leave you all with nothing to look at, I thought I’d list my current cravings. I would like to preface that these items are not extravagantly expensive but rather reasonably priced and in some cases CHEAP. After all I am on a budget, no point in pining for something that will never be. I go for the attainable! Enjoy!

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Aldo at ShopStyle

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Top: Francesca's ; Jeans: Charlotte Russe; Boots: Kohl's (Candies); Necklace: Loft; Earrings: Ny&Co.

So I know its been a while since my last post...so sorry! I almost didn't post today but I finally accepted that I won't always have time to take my pictures outside. These past two weeks have been pretty crazy. I admire all those fashion bloggers who post almost everyday and seem to have it all together. How do you do it?! Okay so enough whining for now. Sorry I'm not my chipper self, but its late and I am tired!! Hopefully I'll blog you all tomorrow. G'night!

Friday, October 21, 2011

It makes a big difference

So today I was all prepared to take pictures of my outfit and halfway through I'm checking them and something seems off. What is it?? It hits me like freight train, I forgot to put my jewelry back on! I have this tendency to take off my bracelets and necklaces partway through the day. I guess I just don't have patience to make it through the entire day. Well I looked naked! It was not good. Sooo I had to start all over again. And folks let me tell you, getting decent photos out of me is extremely difficult to say the least. A baboon could do better!! (No offense to all the baboons out there.) Let's just say I could never ever be a model. So I started again this time with all my jewelry on and would you believe I did much better the second time around? Huh, I guess things really do happen for a reason.

Blazer: NY&Co., Shirt: Express, Pants: Target, Shoes: DSW (Nine West)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its Always Sunny in Arizona!

I live in Southern Arizona and it is fair to say that even though we are in the middle of October it is hot, hot, hot! Oh how envious I am of those northern girls, wearing boots and chunky sweaters. Le sigh. So even though its 97 degrees today, I am paying homage to fall by wearing fall colors. This is my pretend fall outfit until fall finally gets here! My pants for some reason look a little bit coral but it is really more of a rusty orange. Pain in the butt camera!! Oh well, here's the breakdown:

Blouse: Old Navy, Pants: JCP (Allen B.), Flats: DSW (Nine West), Bracelets: Loft and inPink

I'm totally falling out of my seat from laughing right now. I wonder, is this goofy expression my normal face?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Never Look Back Dahling!

Sweater: Kohls (Chaps), Shirt: Loft, Jeans: JCP, Shoes: Old Navy, Necklace: NY&Co.

Welcome everyone to Fashion, Dahling! For those of you who might be interested in where I got the title, think back to The Incredibles and picture Edna Mode. Yeah now you got it! For those who haven't seen the movie, you should! Its very cute and funny. Anyway enough about that. I am a rambler...This is my first fashion post and my first outfit pictures. Awkward! I am the most ungainly, stiff picture taker ever!! Nevertheless my puppy Carolina saved the day by crashing the photo shoot. Isn't she cute? I tried to explain to her that it was a closed shoot but she didn't understand. I apologize for the flamingo pose, but you couldn't see my shoes. I think we need to cut the grass. And no first post would be complete without the crotch shot, thanks honey!