Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sweater: Loft; Top: JCP; Jeans: JCP; Flats: JCP Belt: Express

Every time I wear this shirt I have to laugh. You see while the current trend is to wear blouses printed with kittens, elephants or even horses, I have a shirt with eyelashes all over it. Yes, you read right, creepy eyelashes. When I purchased this top, I loved the color and what I thought was an abstract print. The ruffles across the shoulders were cute and sassy. I bought it for a wedding and had decided to wear it with a pencil skirt. I got dressed and felt all snazzy in my smart pencil skirt and ruffly blouse and then in walks the husband. "How do I look?" I say and his response "Why does your shirt have eyelashes all over it?" What?! I am outraged. My shirt does NOT have eyelashes on it. What's he talking about. And then I look down. Yup, my shirt has eyelashes all over. I am creeped out, its one step away from eyeballs if you ask me! Well I kept it, you see the overall outfit concept was sound and I had no time to start changing outfits. A year later and I still wear my creepy eyelash shirt but now I wear it proudly!

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