Thursday, November 17, 2011

More to come...

I know that I have been on hiatus for a while now and I’m sorry! It has been a super crazy time and it always seems that way this time of year. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Ya know what I mean? I plan on being more focused about this blog and I am going to have to learn to find the time to get it done. It’s just like going to the gym. A convenient time will never just pop up, you have to make it work. There! It’s officially on the internet for everyone to see, so now I have to follow through!! Because I don’t want to leave you all with nothing to look at, I thought I’d list my current cravings. I would like to preface that these items are not extravagantly expensive but rather reasonably priced and in some cases CHEAP. After all I am on a budget, no point in pining for something that will never be. I go for the attainable! Enjoy!

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Gap at ShopStyle

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Aldo at ShopStyle

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